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Posted on: February 2, 2009 1:05 am

ok, so this is gonna be an entertaining blog with a story excerpt. comments are welcome. :)


            Geras looked down at his small companion, a hint of a sinister smile beginning to form across his


thin lips. He had toiled long and hard these last 20 years to find and unlock all of the pieces to the puzzle


that held power beyond his wildest dreams. Most had forgotten the evil wizard, Algaroth, imprisoned for


centuries in a magical limbo. Upon his binding, Algaroth had sworn power to the one that released him


and total devastation to those that opposed him. 'Yes', Geras thought, 'Luck was with me the day I found


the location of Algaroth.' Small hints of moonlight illuminated his twisted face, creating dark shadows to


match those of his even darker heart.


            "Lots of shinies?!" The small figure waved his hands in the air, trying to contain his excitement.


            "Yessss.." rasped the bony figure of Geras, now crouching beside of him. "More shinies than any


Droll has ever seen!" He whispered, pulling a crystal rock from his pocket and placing it in the Droll's


hand. A cross between a Dwarf and a Troll, Drolls were known for their love of shiny rocks and trusting,


child-like innocence.


            "Dwidgett only need to go to cave by big white rock and hold magic stick above his head to get


more shinies?" He asked, through wide eyes. "Then we can free friend of Geras from...." He paused as if


afraid to say the last words, then looked cautiously left and right as if he was expecting something to leap


out of the bushes. *evil people.." came the barely audible whisper


            "Something like that." said the wizard, a cold smile on his face. "Once we get past the magic


barrier and the bars and chains, that is exactly what I need for you to do. I have already found the scrolls


with the magical incantations I need"


            Widgett nodded in understanding. "Widgett will help Geras."


            "Excellent! " Geras laughed triumphantly. "It has begun!"

Chapter 1





            "Ye Gods!" The old man barked, fanning the thick, acrid smoke with his hand and coughing


slightly. "Tanin, what, in all of BellWood were you doing in here?!" He ran to open the tower window,


mouthing a minor wind spell to try and filter the smoke away.


            "I.. I'm sorry Master Tork..." The young dwarf stammered. "I was merely trying to practice my


potions. It was an accident, I swear by all that I hold dear..." He lowered his emerald eyes, not only in a


futile attempt to keep them from tearing up from the sooty particles in the air, but to avoid Zedarin's face.


He could hear The Elf snickering in the corner and his shame would not allow him to risk a humiliating




            The Wizard scowled. "Magic is not a trifle to be toyed with by an unsteady hand!"


            "Here now, Master Tork, You've encouraged us to practice in the week that we have been here."


Zedarin stifled a chuckle, trying not to embarrass his friend anymore than he was already.


            With an exasperated wave of his hand, Tork turned and stomped for the door, mumbling


something about Dwarves needing to stick to mining and smithing. Tanin looked to Zedarin as they


hurried to follow their teacher,  his face alight with silent thanks for the Elf's gesture. He tried not to show


the sting of Tork's words. He knew that they were spoken in frustration over the accident, but, he was also


painfully aware that a Dwarven wizard was not only rare, but not readily accepted in their world. 


            "Gentleman," Tork said as he hurried out of the Tower's side door and towards the stable. "The


other students are arriving today and since the pair of you have had a week to familiarize yourselves with


the grounds and the surrounding area, I would like for you to go out and meet them and bring them here."


            "Tanin, You will take that route and meet the majority of the bunch." He pointed to the dusty trail


beside of them.



            "Yes Master Tork."



            "Zedarin, you will greet the other two students by the Eastern road."


            Zedarin smiled. "It would be my pleasure Master Tork."


            The teacher nodded and turned back towards the school. "Mayhap you are getting too old to


have the patience for the young ones." He muttered under his breath then thought himself ridiculous.


"Nonsense. You are barely Five hundred and seventy-five. a youngling among the Elders of the order."


He reasoned. "Even if it were so, You will have the honor of teaching the seven most gifted for the craft in


the Five Kingdoms. Better to make the most of it." He reasoned aloud as he made his way back into his


study. He knew that his purpose was not to teach the skills themselves, or the potions, or the spells and


incantations. His was the task of teaching the younglings the control of their craft, the mastery of their art.


After all, one could not have, say, an ice elemental freezing the ocean because they lacked control of


their powers.


            "Still talking to yourself old man?" said a bemused feminine voice from the shadows.


            "When it suits me." Tork quipped. "Still lurking in corners Arzelia?"


            "As only a Seer can." She laughed, forgetting for a moment the seriousness of her visit.


            Tork smiled back at her, thinking how beautiful she had remained in all of these years. She was


527, a bit younger than he, but unlike himself, her hair was not gray, nor was her face riddled in wrinkles.


There was the slightest touch of white hair among the chestnut strands, but that was the only sign of her


age. Humans born of the Magi nature enjoyed an extended lifespan due to their magical abilities, but they


did not share the nearly eternal youthful appearance of those of the strong magi races. "It has started,


has it not?" He brought them back to the harsh reality before them. "The Princess of the Fae..."


            "Still eludes me!" Arzelia hissed, bringing her staff to the ground with a thud, her amber eyes


burning with despair "Ellindria has strong magic! She has covered her tracks well! She is one of the


TRUE seven. One of the others..."


            "Is fated to play another role in the Prophecy... As is the 8th student to come here.* Tork lowered


his head in sadness. "Yes, I know..."


            "What if we cannot find her?"


            "She will surface when the time is right." Tork said with firm resolve. "We have to believe that it will be so."



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Posted on: March 18, 2009 6:18 pm

Story Hour

Hey Gala', 1st & foremost, I hope all is going great for ya'.. you have a way with words and a kind heart... keep it moving and keep us in suspenseSmile 

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Posted on: March 18, 2009 3:17 pm

Story Hour

Gala, you truly have a was with the words. You should  continue to work on this story and expand it. I am very wary already of the dwarfen wizard though. he frightens, yet intrigues me. Personally, I would feel fear at one who's hands are small, yet powerful, and yet a tad clumsy for the arts of wizardry. I would love to read more. my elven queen. You have spun a tale I would love to read more of and I thank you for your prose. Peace Out E.

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Posted on: February 24, 2009 6:38 pm

Story Hour

Hey Baby Girl. :) Thank you ever so much. :)

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Posted on: February 24, 2009 6:24 pm

Story Hour


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Posted on: February 12, 2009 12:53 am

Story Hour

here is to neysa bringing more wonderful prose to our eyes and laughter of the elves to our ears.

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Posted on: February 6, 2009 12:49 am

Story Hour

Hi Redwing,

thanks. I think I need to finish chapter 1 first.. but this one isn't even the current one.. still working out kinks on this one. :)

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Posted on: February 3, 2009 8:35 am

Story Hour

Galadrieltbc, I'm afraid this left me wanting more. How much longer until Chapter 2?

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Posted on: February 2, 2009 10:23 pm

Story Hour

I thank you for your kind words Lord Galaban. I enjoy sharing things.

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Posted on: February 2, 2009 12:13 pm

Story Hour

thank you so much white queen. the time spent reading such prose is greatly spent. here is to reading more from thee.

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